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Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday's 99 Word Review: "Arrested Development"

Editor's note: We like to keep TVGeekSpeak a quick read, so this is the premiere of our new "99 Word Review." Each review will be, oddly enough, exactly 99 words, and not an expletive more- we promise. Why 99 words? Other than the fact that it sounds good, and that we always found that 100th word to be kind of a nuisance, no reason. Enjoy!

We’ve seen the trajectory so-called “smart” comedies follow: sitcoms without laugh tracks or coffee shops with big couches are doomed to fail. It’s a shame, because Arrested Development oozes laughs- subtle, slapstick, and just plain silly. With the stellar cast (led by Jason Bateman) mining ethnicity, sexual preference, and even incest for yuks, it isn’t for everyone. But I kinda like feeling like there’s a show on that’s produced just for me. Like the often brilliant Scrubs, it’ll probably never be a massive hit. Who knows- maybe this time, a great show will survive. I’m not holding my breath.

TVGS Rating: 4 test patterns out of 4

"Arrested Development" airs Sunday Nights at 8:30 et/pt, often delayed by football, on FOX.

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