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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The 2004 Geekies: Jen Schefftenberg's Picks

She's a "Bachelorette" afficionado and writer of the upcoming TVGS column "The REAL Bachelorette." She's also quite blunt and tells it like she thinks it oughtta be. Introducing... Jen Schefftenberg... and her Geekies.

Most welcomed newcomer: Donald Trump. Yeah, that's right- I like The Apprentice. So fire me.

Least welcomed newcomer: Caroline Rhea, host of the new reality disaster, The Biggest Loser. What a loser (the real kind)! You’re done, you’ve had way more than your 15 minutes already.

Show I wish more people knew about: Nip/Tuck. Cosmetic surgery, hot doctors, sizzling sex, brilliant story lines, emotional heartache... if everyone just watched, the world might just be a more peaceful place.

Most disturbing trend: The Time Warner DVR. Gooooo TiVo!

What I'd like to see on the tube in 2005: Silver Spoons reruns... I still have my Ricky Schroeder pinups from Teen Beat... no, not on my wall, in a drawer... somewhere…

If I could be on any show as a regular: Charlie’s Angels.

Go away: Ryan Seacrest. Oy, what is it about him, he disturbs me... it’s just something I just can't put my finger on... he's too... smily.

Best show of 2004: Nip Tuck. Because… well, it just is, so watch it. If that's not nough for you, re-read my "Show I Wish More People Knew About" choice.

Worst show of 2004: North Shore... If Brooke Burns wasn't blowing Bruce Willis, she's got no shot at getting that role.

2004 TV Geek of the Year: The Geek In Chief himself, but in a good geek way. He will forever be my technical/television guru!

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