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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The 2004 Geekies: JoeVideo's Picks

Now, it's JoeVideo's turn. A self proclaimed Sci-Fi fanatic, it's odd that none of his choices really have anything at all to dow with science fiction. Hmmm....

Most welcomed newcomer: Evangeline Lilly, Lost. Mmmm..... a mysterious past, a hot chick, a dedicated viewer!

Least welcomed newcomer: John Goodman. Actually, let's call this award "The Ted McGinley Memorial 'Jump The Shark' Award." He's not a newcomer at all, but as Larry the Lion in Father of the Pride, and as John in Center of the Universe, two of the most godawful (cancelled) shows ever aired, he reached a new low by playing a talking animated lion (not the one that almost killed Roy though - damn). Lucky for him, never-ending syndication of Roseanne means that all of his new shows can tank year after year and he still gets richer (and fatter). Runner up: Tom Arnold.

Show I wish more people knew about: The Dead Zone. Too bad this show only airs "seasonally" on the forgotten-about USA Network, with only about 12 episodes a year. Who knew Anthony Michael Hall was still acting, and acting well? Thanks to the Geek-in-Chief himself for turning me onto this one. Runner up: Deadwood.

Most disturbing trend: 3 hour Live Reality Show Finales. If the most recent finale of The Apprentice is any indication, I'll slit my wrists before sitting thru anything that long, un-produced and drawn out again. Runner up: Stripping on Reality Shows (Ivana, keep those shorts on next time).

What I'd like to see on the tube in 2005: Serial Dramas. Remember the early days of radio? (I don't, I'm only 32.) Serials were all the rage. Only took 50 plus years for them to make a comeback. Thanks to TiVo (GO OUT AND GET ONE NOW!), even if you can't tune in next week for another exciting episode, you can watch it at your leisure.

Go away: Michael Musto and Mo Rocca. Separated at birth? These pop culture commentators pop up everywhere, and just aren't that funny. Back to Hades with you!

Best show of 2004: Deadwood ties with Lost.. I'm a sucker for serial drama, but most viewers are too stupid to follow it from week to week. Runners up: 24, The Sopranos.

Worst show of 2004: Joey. The answer: Not so good. The question: "How u doin'?" Any bets on this turkey getting cancelled before the summer? No wonder networks aren't making many sitcoms anymore. Runner up: Father of The Pride.

2004 TV Geek of the Year: Joe Trippi. A man who ALMOST created the first President elected because of the blogsphere, he took his act of empowering the people onto TV and wrote a book as well. Better luck next time with a better candidate (hint: switch parties). Runner Up: Anne Marie Cox, "Wonkette."

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