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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The 2004 Geekies: Pusher's Picks

Next to the plate is Pusher, who, in her choice for Best Show of 2004, may have made the oddest selection in all of this year's Geekies. But hey- who are you to judge?

Most welcomed newcomer: In an attempt to sound cool, I'll say Lost. I've never seen it but everyone else says it kicks ass. (And you know how I try to be popular.)

Least welcomed newcomer: Wife-swapping shows. If they're not about the original definition of the term, I don't care.

Show I wish more people knew about: NCIS. Solid stories, funny characters, good acting, and Mark Harmon. Everyone should look... I mean watch. (Watch for an upcoming "Geek Files" column about my MH dream while on vacation.)

Most disturbing trend: 30-somethings watching the WB. That or FOX ripping off other network reality shows, making their own version and putting it on air first.

Go away: Donald Trump. You had me at "You're Fired." You lost me with the dubbed over boardroom scenes. Plus - if these are the caliber employees you really do hire, how the hell are you a cabillionaire?

What I'd like to see on the tube in 2005: A successful, high rated show for Rob Lowe (See "Best show of 2004").

Best show of 2004: dr. vegas. Yes, it was cancelled- but Rob Lowe is still hot as hell and he can wear a pair of jeans like nobody's business. Television like this deserves to stay on our airwaves.

Worst show of 2004: CSI: NY. A gritty film look is cool for a two hour movie, but if I'm going to be subjected to it week in and week out, the plot and acting are going to have to be a lot better than mediocre.

2004 TV Geek of the Year: The Geek-In-Chief himself for starting this website. Aw, shucks. -Ed.

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