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Friday, December 24, 2004

99 Word Review: Jeopardy!

Today's 99 Word Review marks the debut of our latest contributor: JoeVideo. Apparantly, while not watching Transformers cartoons or old Star Trek episodes, he fills his day watching game shows. Who knew?

The answer is: A show I don't watch much anymore because it gives me a headache not being a friggin' genius. What is: Jeopardy?

It’s amusing that after 20 years, Alex Trebek hasn't found a better job, or that another tool like Tom Bergeron hasn't muscled him out of the way. Yet he soldiers on- no more mustache or glasses, still reading questions he could care less about.

The Video Daily Doubles have gotten better and more creative, but smack of Sony branding everywhere you look. Even so, Jeopardy satisfies my 22 minute craving for wishing I was smarter.

JoeVideo's rating: Three test patterns (out of four)

Jeopardy is syndicated. Check your local listings.

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