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Monday, December 13, 2004

99 Word review: Lost

Editor's note: In our attempt to keep TVGeekSpeak light and breezy, but not lose our edge (Generation X, unite!) this is our latest "99 Word Review." As always (if you haven't figured it out) it is exactly 99 words. Go ahead, count 'em. And don't forget to carry the one.

We generally frown upon crap the masses love (Julia Roberts, Harry Potter, ER). So imagine our surprise when turd machine ABC debuted Lost, a high quality, desert island masterpiece. It’s true must see TV: innovative storytelling, great cast, and a timeslot without any true competition. Sure, the cast is too beautiful (except for the token fat guy), nobody loses weight, and the women’s pits remain inexplicably clean shaven. But off-island flashbacks provide intriguing backstory, and the lack of inter-castaway nookie keeps the soapiness minimal. Will it eventually turn into Fantasy Island? Maybe. For now, we’ll continue to get Lost.

TVGS Review: 3.5 test patterns out of 4

"Lost" airs Wednesday nights at 8 et/pt on ABC.

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