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Monday, December 06, 2004

99 Word Review: Sesame Street

Editor's note: In our attempt for TVGeekSpeak to closely resemble USA Today (love that weather map), here's our latest "99 Word Review." As always (count 'em up, punks) the review is exactly 99 words. It's our guarantee- or double your money back!

Sesame Street went in the TiVo when our newborn reached TV age (11 weeks). We wondered: has it remained educational for kids, and entertaining for grownups? Cookie Monster still rocks, Grover is fun, and Oscar teaches it’s OK to be miserable. But Jailbait hottie Gabi can’t sing. Baby Bear’s lisping is excruciating. Kids love Elmo, but to adults, he’s insipidly torturous. And Big Bird’s “Journey to Ernie” is clearly produced by blind artists in a “special needs” animation house. Let these segments sleep with the fishes (Dorothy, beware) and we’d all have an easier time sweepin’ the clouds away.

TVGS rating: For kids, 3 test patterns out of 4; for adults, 2 test patterns out of 4

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