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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

99 Word Review: The Wire

Our own Irina D is leaping on a soapbox for her 99 Word Review this week. Of course, cries for help from Irina are nothing new, but let's hear her out anyway, shall we?

I am desperate for HBO to renew The Wire. I understand why this show hasn't caught on the way The Sopranos has-- it's incredibly complicated, with dozens of characters and practically no expository dialogue; you can't watch it while folding laundry. But it's that complexity that makes it such an engrossing show. The Wire isn't afraid to throw something at you-- like the death of a pivotal character, or a quick shot of a hard-ass police lieutenant in the background of a gay bar. It's a complicated, fascinating, often tragic, story of Baltimore city streets. HBO, I'm begging you.

Irina D.'s Review: 4 out of 4 test patterns

The Wire airs on HBO (for now). Check your local listings.

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