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Monday, December 13, 2004

Chung To Networks: "Where The White Women At?"

Connie Chung is wondering aloud: where are the female anchors? In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, she slams network news execs as cavemen for not considering a woman to replace Dan Rather.

Seems there was a female anchor on CBS at one point- how'd that work out? Not well at all, if memory serves. Damned if I can remember her name, though... I'm sure it will come to me...

Bottom line: if the neckties thought a woman would get ratings, they'd hire one. Heck, if they thought it would help, they'd put her in a belly shirt too, and make D-cup implants a mandatory part of their uniform. Hey, it works on Desperate Housewives- why not on the evening news? Besides, at this point, John Roberts can probably pull off wearing a low-cut top better than Diane Sawyer.

Old-fashioned and vaguely chauvenistic? Sure. But it's all about the numbers, babe. Now go make yourself look purty.

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