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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

CSI: Miami Plans 90-Minute Special Episode; Liquor Stores Prepare For Panic Buying

Get those funnels ready: CBS is planning a 90 minute extra-special CSI: Miami for February sweeps. This gives viewers the chance to get extra blotto as they play the world famous CSI: Miami Drinking Game.

For those unfamiliar, the game goes like this:

For every time Horatio (David Caruso) adjusts his sunglasses in any way... drink once.

For every time Horatio puts his hands on his hips... drink once.

For every time Horatio gives a concerned glance towards the floor... drink once.

For each sentence Alexx speaks to a corpse... drink once.

For every time someone refers to Horatio as "H"... drink twice.

And any time the Hummer appears... finish your drink.

See you in AA on the following Tuesday!

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