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Monday, December 06, 2004

DotDots... Monday News Roundup

Tonight on Lifetime: "The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh To Remember." Didn't this show only end, like, five years ago? Can't possibly be worse now than it was then... TV in the supermarket checkout line? It's a good start, but call me when they get TiVo so I can skip the Massengill point-of-purchase ads... Faced with ratings erosion, NBC's Today is turning to a Maury EP for help. Can't wait to see Katie, Matt and Al dishing out DNA results... Jon Stewart's America has been named Book Of The Year. I guess none of the folks at Publisher's Weekly read Paris Hilton's brilliant psychological dissection of society and its effect on the global economy, Confessions of a Teenage Heiress... Brand spankin' new anchor Brian Williams continued to best his veteran competitors for the rest of the week. Will viewers stick with BW when the next mega-story breaks? That will be his first true test.

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