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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Friday Eff Off: Lost

This week, Uncle Buster takes issue with my review of Lost- even though he's never actually watched it. Here's his own, less flattering, 99 word take.

Why didn’t Tarzan have a beard? I can’t answer that. Nor can I accept the myriad of flaws in the premise of Lost.

Reality shows are a waste in the first place, so a blatant reality show rip-off is an offense to the senses. “Hottie” Airlines crashes somewhere in BFE. The good thing about this airline: even if you are 8.9 months pregnant, you can still fly across some large body of water.

But, they’re so damn good looking, who cares? I’m just glad the body shavers and hair care products survived the crash.

My opinion: Lost should be.

"Lost" airs Wednesday nights at 8 et/pt on ABC.

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