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Friday, December 10, 2004

Show Bombing? Blame the Promos

This San Francisco Gate reporter is falling into the old broadcaster’s trap: When a show does well, it’s because it’s a good show. But when a show underperforms, it must be the promos.

Such is the case with Arrested Development, one of the best shows on TV, which just happens to be too smart for the masses, has a completely incompatible (and extremely competitive) timeslot, and is hard to get ‘all the best jokes” in a promo when the show is structured without the normal (and lame) sitcom setup-joke-punchline format.

Could FOX promo the show more? Sure. But there are few compatible shows on TV to pair this with- Scrubs, maybe, or Curb Your Enthusiasm- but they’re on other networks.

Bottom line: smart shows are almost, without fail, doomed. (heavy sigh)

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