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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday's 99 Word Review: Two and a Half Men

Here's our latest 99 Word Review. Pretty self explanatory by now, we gather: must be over 98 words but less than 100. Or else.

Every week while watching Charlie Sheen coast through Two and a Half Men, I ask myself: can you call someone an actor when he’s playing himself? As “Charlie,” Sheen has one facial expression (disinterested), one tone of voice (sarcastic), and one modus operandi (laid-back beaver hound).

Yet, throw him into an unbelievably generic premise, add ubiquitous character actor Jon Cryer, mix in some beaten-to-death sitcom stereotypes (wacky neighbor, precocious kid, wise-ass housekeeper) and somehow, it all works. The cast gels and Sheen plays himself flawlessly. Plus, he’s got the coolest wardrobe since Kramer.

Overall, these Men are worth watching.

TVGS Rating: Three test patterns out of four

“Two and a Half Men” airs Monday nights at 9:30pm et/pt on CBS.

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