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Friday, December 10, 2004

What's On Tap For 2005?

The N.Y. Post is making its predictions for what’s in store for the tube in 2005. We thought we’d pile on… here are our added predictions:

Desperate Ripoffs. Prepare for the networks to send in the clones of this smash hit (when do these ripoffs ever work? Single Guy and Coupling anyone?)

E.R. could disappear Without A Trace. With NBC’s Thursday night stranglehold gone, look for Anthony LaPaglia’s procedural drama to finally put the long running hospital drama on life support.

NBC’s The Office will be harder to watch than the season premiere of American Idol. It may even be the first show to be cancelled during its first commercial break.

CBS’ CSI: NY and NBC’s original Law & Order will meet in the middle, ratings-wise, with a weekly dogfight for tops in the slot.

Fox will break our hearts and either cancel Arrested Development, or add Vanessa Williams to the cast. Either way, disaster.

We’ll keep posting our completely baseless predictions as we get closer to New Year’s.

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  • The Slammer:

    Why do I find the phrase "tap" together with this picture erotic?

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