Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Advertisers Line Up For Jackson-less Super Bowl

Certain to be less controverisal than last years, this year's Super Bowl has no shortage of advertisers.

Still, wouldn't it be fun to see one of Paul McCartney's floppy man-boobs fall out, if only to keep the streak alive?

What's next, Lifetime branded maxi-pads?

Reports say ESPN is launching its own wireless phone service? Come on, where does the endless self-promotion end?

If you thought people on cell phones in restaurants were annoying before- wait until you hear your first "Boo-YAH!" ringtone .

Wednesday's 99 Word review: Desperate Housewives

Editor's note: It's time for TVGS's latest "99 Word Review." Our newest Geek contributor makes her debut and does a bang-up job. And the best news: she can count to 99!

I was not anxious to watch "Desperate Housewives" when it premiered. Not only did it star the cringingly annoying Teri Hatcher, but its title made me want to beat someone with a shovel. However, it debuted to such enormous ratings that I was forced to check it out-- and it's an excellent dark comedy. Marcia Cross is stellar and even Hatcher is charming (I know!). There are some issues-- Lynette's boring Ritalin addiction, Hatcher's Susan sometimes seems less appealingly goofy than mildly retarded-- but "Desperate Housewives" is never less than good TV and that's all it needs to be. --Irina D.

TVGS Rating: 3 test patterns out of 4

"Desperate Housewives" airs Sunday Nights at 9pm et/pt on ABC.

Tuesday Trivia Solved!

The correct answer is

B) Loni Anderson was the 1st runner-up in the 1964 Miss Michigan contest.

It was actually Miss Minnesota. Suckas!