Thursday, December 02, 2004

DVR, DVD say "F.U." to VHS

Looks like TiVo-like devices and the DVD explosion are about to send VCRs the way of the 8-track.

Come on, admit it- you'll miss the good old days, the days of setting the overly complicated timer on your $1,200 Quasar VHS machine (4 heads!) to record soft-core porn on Skinemax at 3:10am. Won't you?

Carson Daly's Goal: Beat Dick

The cryogenically preserved Dick Clark has some formidable competition this New Year's Eve as NBC leaves their ball-dropping festivities to Carson Daly.

You gotta love Dick, even though his New Years celebrations could stand a little refreshing- the increasingly lame music acts are also lamely pre-recorded, which is... well, lame. And to see Mr. Clark frenching his 137 year old wife is enough make you swear off the sauce for good- well, almost.

Editor's note: I just love that I could say "ball-dropping" and "dick"- three times!- in the same post. God bless the first amendment!

MTV Re-ups "Newlyweds," "Ashlee;" Ensures Unwatchability

To guarantee that old thirty-something fogies (like me) will stay the heck away from MTV, they've renewed a variety of projects featuring Nick Lachey and Simpson sisters Jessica and Ashlee, among others.

To quote Jack Nicholson from Terms of Endearment, "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes."

"Tango Bravo" Steps Aside for Tanned, NASCAR-loving Replacement

A new era of anchorage has begun. The day after Tom Brokaw made his tearful farewell, no-longer-heir-apparant Brian Williams is ready to rock and roll.

Is NBC brass is paying the overly verbose Williams by the word? If so, his contract may prove more lucrative than A-Rod's.

Thursday Trivia: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One of these "facts" about BtVS is phonier than Sarah Michelle Gellar denying her eating disorder. Which is it?

A) Buffy’s middle name was Lauren.
B) Anya’s first husband was named Olaf.
C) Executive Producer Marti Noxon dances on camera in “Once More, with Feeling.”
D) Warren of the Evil Trio built the Buffybot.

Answers Friday.

Sweeps Wrapup: Peacock Plucked by Red-Hot Eye

As the November "Sweeps" end, NBC execs aren't doing much of their trademark preening these days as their primetime schedule is in shambles. Adding to the embarrassment, they got their asses whupped across the board, including in their coveted 18-49 demo, by CBS, usually known for attracting legions of moldy oldies.

The last time CBS did that? 1980, when Cronkite was in the anchor chair, The Dukes of Hazzard was in the top 10, and quite a few of us were still doing the hustle (how's that for some perspective?)