Friday, December 03, 2004

Thursday Trivia Solved!

One of these "facts" about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is "Not at all factual." Which is it?

A) Buffy’s middle name was Lauren.
B) Anya’s first husband was named Olaf.
C) Executive Producer Marti Noxon dances on camera in “Once More, with Feeling.”
D) Warren of the Evil Trio built the Buffybot.

The faker:

A) Buffy’s middle name was Lauren.

It was written on her tombstone- and it was Anne.

Game, Set, Match: "McEnroe" Fouls Out

Former tennis great John McEnroe's show has gotten the chop from CNBC.

I think I speak for everyone when I say: John McEnroe had a show?

"Sopranos" Capo Muscles His Way Into The Arms of "Law"

Michael Imperioli, known to millions as fiery button-man Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos, is filling in on Law and Order while Jesse Martin shoots the film version of the excruciating musical "Rent."

This should help fill the Sopranos void (no new episodes until 2006) and maybe set him up for his own spinoff after the HBO mob drama sleeps with the fishes. Law and Order: Witness Protection Unit Anyone?

Williams Beats Jennings, Rather in Debut

Looks like Brian Williams is off to a good start.

Will he maintain? Time will tell...

The Friday "Eff-Off:" Why I'm Not Watching The View

We're introducing a new feature here at TVGS: Reviews for shows we refuse to watch. With our newest Geek Uncle Buster at the keys, we can't guarantee a fair and balanced column- but we promise it won't be boring. And in true Geek fashion, he insists on using our soon-to-be-patented 99 word format. Who are we to argue?

I’m guessing The View was originally designed to give women the same kind of forum for topical views that men have had for years. What it has devolved into is a soap box for feminist rage, shoe fetishes, and fashion shows.

Where are the issues that really affect women, or the public at large? Devoured by Joy’s liberal rants, Starr’s weight issues, and Barbara’s incoherent opinions. Adding Survivor’s Elizabeth was a half-hearted attempt to give potential male viewers some eye candy.

Even if men are lame enough to watch, they sure won’t be listening. I’ll be sleeping in, thanks.

The View airs weekdays on ABC daytime. Check your local listings.

NY Times: Brokaw, Williams Classy; NBC, not so much

Today's New York Times accuses NBC of cheesily over-hyping the handoff between Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams.

We can't blame them- how often does such a transition take place? It was clearly of interest to people, as it was Tom's highest rated night ever. Why not use the opportunity to pump up the new guy as much as possible? With Dan Rather a lame duck, and Peter Jennings still around to possibly lasso Brokaw loyalists, relentless promotion may not be the most dignified path for NBC to take- but it's certainly the smartest.