Tuesday, December 14, 2004

12/15: Wendie Jo Sperber Alert!

This is the first installment of our new feature, "Wendie Jo Sperber Alert!" That's right- now, fans of the whiny, grating, gravel-voiced slice of heaven from Bosom Buddies and Bachelor Party will never miss one of Wendie's groundbreaking TV appearances again (or, at least, until we get tired of chronicling them).

We promise to keep you apprised of late-breaking, up-to-the-minute info on everybody's favorite roly-poly character actress.

Will & Grace, Episode #113, "My Fair Maid-y"
Syndicated (Check local listings, WPIX in NY)

Tuesday Trivia: All In The Family

One of these items is faker than Michael Stivic's draft registration card. Which is it?

A) Mickey Rooney was Norman Lear’s first choice to play the lead role.
B) The theme song, “Those Were The Days,” reached #43 on Billboard’s chart.
C) Jean Stapleton (“Edith Bunker”) turned down the role of Jessica Fletcher on "Murder, She Wrote".
D) Archie Bunker’s toilet, which belched the first flush ever heard in prime-time, is housed in the Smithsonian.

Answers tomorreeee.

Desperate For A Nomination

Poor Eva Longoria. Even though she's on TV's hottest new show, she was the only major one of ABC's Desperate Housewives to not score a Golden Globe nomination.

I may not be a 17 year old gardener, but still, I'd be happy to offer my condolences. I'll ready some mud, a pair of gloves and a garden gnome while awaiting her call.

Trump Humps TV Wedding

Donald Trump claims that two networks have offered to televise his upcoming wedding. Ick.

While it makes some sense for him- he needs the exposure- the show itself would probably last longer than the actual marriage.

Can't Have A Wardrobe Malfunction If You're Butt Nekkid

The annual tradition of offering an alternate pay-per-view half-time show for pervs (my hand is raised) continues. On this year's menu: Girls Gone Wild.

Finally, boobs somebody actually wants to see. CBS, take note: if you're gonna be fined, this is the way to go.

The Olympics on NBC, Now With Extra Added Genitalia

Looking for topless women and prosthetic genitalia? Well, apparantly this year's Olympic Opening Ceremony was loaded with them. NBC says they edited the offending material out, but somebody apparantly thinks a rogue ball or nipple made it on air.

NBC has this all wrong- you only get ratings when you leak this stuff before it happens. Yeesh.