Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dude, Pass That Over

When Showtime announced its new series Fat Actress, it grabbed some headlines. Now, they're rolling another publicity-grabbing fatty, announcing their new comedy, Weeds. The premise: broke mom resorts to selling pot to make ends meet; wackiness ensues.

Marketing possibility: a tie-in with Frito-Lay? Or maybe White Castle? Gotta satisfy them post-SHO munchies somehow.

The New Kid Cleans Up

So far, so good for Brian Williams: the most-bronzed and least-tenured network news anchor continues to beat Peter Jennings and Dan Rather by a comfortable margin.

Wonder if Tom misses the grind yet? With BW holding his own, we don't think NBC misses him too much...


Check out this link from april (scroll down past the naked fat guy) to hear a hilarious clip of two LA anchors bickering.

It's worth the trip. Enjoy!

Ratings Raiser?

In the scariest move since NBC gave Whoopi her own sitcom, Pinhead himself may get to star in a TV version of the Hellraiser movie franchise.

Could this open the floodgates for other horror stars to get their own series? A talker for Freddy Krueger? A show on Noggin for Chucky? Jason as Martha Stewart's new sidekick? Stay tuned.

Trading Lawsuits

The British producers of Wife Swap are suing Fox for ripping off their idea.

Fox? Rip off an idea for a reality show? Executives denied stealing any ideas for their own reality shows, but were too busy screening episodes of Rebel Billionaire, The Next Great Champ and The Swan to comment further.

Thursday Trivia: The A Team

Which of the following statements about The A Team is faker than Mr. T's "gold" chains?

A) Premiered on NBC-TV immediately after the 1983 Super Bowl.
B) Face's real name is not Templeton Peck.
C) No one was ever killed on the show.
D) The "crime they didn't commit" which led to The A-Team being sent to military court was stealing from the "Bank of Hanoi" during the Vietnam War.

Answers tomorrow.