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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

24 in 99: Hour 5

Here's JoeVideo's indepth synopsis- well, as indepth as you can get in a sub-100 word recap- of last night's action packed hour of 24. Here's this week's 24 in 99.

Jack's got the cops working for him now, after being un-arrested, and continues tracking Kalil. Heller and Audrey try suicide-by-gasline-leak, but fail. Edgar tires of Marianne- "I'm not your bitch." After she blackmails him, he gets her Level-3 clearance. Driscoll gets Chloe to resign from CTU. The Araz family disposes of Debbie's car and body- but almost gets caught when Mom comes looking for her at the Araz's. Kalil kills himself. Schizo Daughter returns for no reason. Audrey recognizes mysterious Briefcase Dude. Heller's trialwebcast begins. The president orders an airstrike on the revealed trial location. Jack goes renegade- again.

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