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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

24 in 99: Hours 3 and 4

If you missed last night's double shot of 24, never fear: JoeVideo's here to recap each episode in a tidy 99 words.

Episode 3
Keeler thinks the kidnapping of Heller is a “trigger” for bigger attacks. Curtis tortures Richard for the truth about dad’s kidnapping. Chloe works with Jack to track down abductor Kalil and hostage Andrew. Bauer saves HackerAndrew just as he’s about to die, and Andrew’s injured critically. Jack follows Kalil to a convenience store. Heller signs the “Charges” against him. Sara is suspicious of Chloe’s wack-job behavior. Marianne Taylor joins CTU over Curtis’ “old-flame-pillow-talk” objections, and she figures out how gullible Edgar is. Chloe needs time to get the satellites tracking Kalil, so Jack stalls by robbing the gas station!

Episode 4
Jack removes his mask and chills his hostages in the fridge. Driscoll figures Chloe’s helping Jack and bugs her computer, but Chloe works thru GullibleEdgar. Driscoll’s schizo daughter calls her, then goes next door and bugs the neighbors, who call the cops. More cops converge at the store when Jack kidnaps a fuzz, but Jack escapes with Kalil. Driscoll orders Chloe arrested for helping Jack. “TerrorMom” Araz orders Behrooz to kill his girlfriend, he can’t, so she kills Debbie! CTU picks up the call between Kalil and Omar, turns out Jack was right… until HE’s arrested by Local cops!

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  • The Slammer:

    Good start.....but I miss the part where Kim befriends the serial killer wannabee survivalist.

    Thats right America.....the only thing between you and the terrorists is: "Un po pazzo Clohe"

    Sleep well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 PM  

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