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Friday, January 14, 2005

3 x 33 Word Reviews (99 Total): Tilt

Last night, three poker playin' TV geeks went all-in for the new ESPN drama Tilt. But it seems the netword better raise the stakes, or these Hold 'em fans may start sitting out. Given a new spin on an old TVGeekSpeak gimmick, here are three, 33 word reviews.

JoeVideo: If you don't like poker, avoid TILT. If you dig Vegas, understand Hold-'Em and love the wackjob characters that Michael Madsen usually plays, you'll love the hotter-than-hell babes, double-double-crossing and Vegas-style action. (2.5 out of 4 test patterns)

Uncle Buster: Not quite what I expected. Thought it would be more about the game, guess it is somewhat. Don't need to see the guys fight over the chick. Boring. Matador will go down, but how? (2 out of 4 test patterns)

Geek-In-Chief: Interesting, but no royal flush. Panders to ESPN stereotype: gambling, sex, fighting. The drama’s forced, with tension never approaching even a semi-final round of the real World Series of Poker. What's the point? (2.5 out of 4 test patterns)

Average TVGeekspeak rating: 2 1/3 test patterns (out of four)

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