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Monday, January 17, 2005

99 Word Law Review: Boston Legal, Sunday 1/16/05

Dawn Summers is back to analyze last night's Boston Legal. Did it meet the burden of proof? She tells us- in just 99 words.

Answer: Peaches, corn, television lawyers. Question: What are canned on a regular basis? Farewell, Sally, we hardly knew ye. After missing a key count on a lawsuit, Schmidt unceremoniously canned the bubbly brunette. Corporate lawyers are at-will employees, completely at the mercy of the senior partnership. Of course, considering Sally slept with two senior lawyers at the firm, in real life, she probably would have been given a few months to find another job, if only for appearances sake. However, a spanking new "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" t-shirt would have definitely been worth another week or two.

Dawn Summers' 99 word Law Review appears whenever she damned well feels like writing it.

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