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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

99 Word Review: Law & Order: SVU

Which is your favorite Law & Order franchise? There's one for everyone, although the highest rated of the three doesn't exactly qualify for family-hour viewing. Here's the Geek-In-Chief's 99 Word Review of Law & Order: SVU.

As a fan of the Law & Order franchise, I often forget the shows aren't interchangeable. Sure, they all have the crimes, the process, the Clunk-CLUNKS. But on SVU, the crimes are uber-heinous and ultra-depressing: rape, incest, child molestation. The officers also regularly break a key L&O rule, relating personal history to their cases.

The show is well-written, with a great cast (especially the hott Marishka Hargitay). But it's just too... icky, tallying more cringes than Clunk-CLUNKS. It's often impossible to last the episode without searching for razor blades or cyanide.

And to me, that's not all that special.

TVGS Rating: 2.5 test patterns (out of 4)

Law & Order: SVU airs Tuesdays at 10pm et/pt on NBC.

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