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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

99 Word Review: The McLaughlin Group

Today's 99 Word Review takes us to the battlegrounds of Sunday morning political talk shows. Is it Meet The Press? WRONG! Is it Face The Nation? WRONG! OK, enough... see for yourself.

The McLaughlin Group still reminds me of the Dana Carvey SNL sketch. It was never wildly off the mark: McLaughlin’s a loud, obtuse codger. His crotchety ringleading does lead a spirited debate of Washington's top issues.

You can quibble with the pundits: Eleanor Clift , a shrill, loudmouthed lefty; the more reasonable liberal, Ken doll Lawrence O'Donnell; and the occasionally enlightening, always condescending conservative Tony Blankley. But the big surprise: Pat Buchanan. Removed from campaigning, he’s witty, reasonable, and likeable, regardless of your politics.

Overall, you should walk away from a Sunday political show annoyed… and McLaughlin doesn't disappoint.

TVGS rating: three test patterns out of four.

The McLaughlin Group is syndicated and airs Sunday mornings. Check your local listings.

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