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Monday, January 31, 2005

A&E Pinches The Sopranos

Looks like A&E has bought the rights to air reruns of HBO's The Sopranos, bumping off TNT from the bidding. Speculation is that they'll air santized versions during the day, and uncut verisons at night.

I know TBS has had some success with "clean" episodes of Sex and the City, but The Sopranos? It would be tough enough scrubbing out all the violence- how would they deal with renaming a major character? "Big Wussy?" "Big Kitty?" "Big Vagina?"

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  • When I saw the list of networks bidding for the rights to the Sopranos I figured A&E would be the bestt fit. That network needs to class it up a bit. They used to air a lot of quality stuff but recently dove head-first into the reality TV stinkpit with shows like "Growing Up Gotti".

    By Blogger Frank Strovel III, at 8:19 PM  

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