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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bye, Bye, Bow-tie

CNN has shed itself of its bowtied bore Tucker Carlson, as well as his show, Crossfire. It seems execs and viewers alike had tired of the snipey bitchfest, and CNN head Jonathan Klein went as far as to say he sympathizes with Jon Stewart's recent anti-Crossfire diatribe.

No word on the fate of Carlson's equally irritating lefty co-hosts, snivelly weasel Paul Begala and the unbelieveably off-putting James Carville. It's thought they will be integrated (perhaps along with the Crossfire moniker) into CNN's regular programming.

MSNBC, always on the cutting edge, is rumored to have interest in Carlson for the prime-time slot recently vacated by Deborah Norville. Officially, MSNBC spokespeople are saying "We think Tucker is a great journalist and we're exploring our options for a new 9 p.m. show." Hmm. Is it really a good idea to consider hiring a guy who's a failure during the day and give a plum prime-time berth? We shall see...

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