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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Cameraman Takes High Heat From Big Unit

New York cameraman Vince Everett got a peek into the dark, ugly soul of new Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson yesterday, as he was nearly mauled by the surly lefty. Johnson was en route to his physical, and Everett was dispatched to obtain some innocuous b-roll. Instead, Everett found himself in the center of a major story, when Johnson grabbed the camera and rudely berated the cameraman. What a guy!

We can only hope Johnson provides the media with feel-good moments like this all season. Plus, it gives us Yankee haters one more reason to exist. Meanwhile, we applaud Everett for his witty retort: "Welcome to New York!"

For a (somewhat) different perspective, our resident sports expert (and Yankee fan) Uncle Buster had this to say:

"There's no way Johnson didn't know NY media would be like this. And if he didn't, then he's as naive in his everyday life as he is dominant on the mound. His reaction was uncalled for.

"But the video itself has no redeeming news value. It's only a story if he FAILS his physical. Is this all WCBS has to cover? If they sent someone just to get that kind of charge out of him, mission accomplished, but it's another sorry entry in the journal of NY media bullying."

Will he soften up to the media? Time will tell. Meanwhile, some advice to you folks assigned to cover the Yankee locker room: wear a cup.

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