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Monday, January 17, 2005

CBS Courtin' Couric?

The search to replace Dan Rather is in full swing. Several reports today (quoting Time magazine) say CBS has officially approached Katie Couric about stepping in when her NBC deal is up (in 16 months).

They'd appoint an interim anchor while they're waiting for Katie to clear her schedule (and her contract). ABC's Ted Koppel and CNN's Anderson Cooper have also emerged as possibilities. What does seem clear is that CBS is leaning towards trusting an outsider with the task of putting some shine back on the Tiffany network's former jewel.

Would her morning success translate to the evening news? Would Jeff Zucker back up the money truck to keep her (she already makes $13 million a year)? Could moribund CBS staffers possibly stand all that perkiness?

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    Anderson Cooper? Is this gun loaded?

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