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Monday, January 17, 2005

ESPN's Tilt More Like A Slight Lean

ESPN's new poker tour-de-force Tilt split the pot in its debut, drawing decent but unspectacular numbers Thursday. The Michael Madsen-led drama averaged 2 million total viewers, 600,000 less than for ESPN's last scripted drama debut, Playmakers, in August of 2003.

As ESPN execs pore over the numbers, theories abound: maybe the low ratings are due to the tough competition in the Thursday 9pm timeslot. Maybe it was the show's lower rated lead in. Or maybe it's the fact that the show was kinda lame?

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  • 1. Show's "OK" but not appointment viewing.
    2. The 2 viewings I partook in, 9p and 12a, didn't start on-time. At 9p, a basketball game was on in the 4th quarter. At midnight, SportsCenter ran "late." I'm not sure exactly how ratings works... but, as with everything in life... DELIVER THE GOODS ON-TIME.. .and all will be well.
    3. ESPN not known for quirky fictional sports drama. That's actually going on behind the scenes at Cablevision. :)

    By Blogger joevideo, at 5:07 PM  

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