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Friday, January 07, 2005

The Friday Eff Off: Today

This week, Uncle Buster takes America's number one morning show to task. But first... this is Today... on NBC.

The Today Show is dubbed “America’s First Family.” Not of news.

Matt Lauer is a capable interviewer. But Katie Couric is more interested in how hip she can be… and Ann Curry belongs on a soap opera with her pregnant pauses and overreactions.

I think the Cojo dude from People magazine is gay. Not quite sure.

And the dumbasses lined up outside totally suck. Stop encouraging those idiots!!!

I accept the show had to change to a more magazine-ish format, but if you’re looking for any substantive news of the day, and you tune in after 7:15, you are SOL.

Today airs weekday mornings on NBC. Uncle Buster's The Friday Eff Off appears... well... every Friday. Nimrod.

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