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Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday's 99 Word Review: NUMB3RS

How fitting that today's 99 Word Review is all about... NUMB3RS!

NUMB3RS: It’s a new procedural drama on CBS! Or is it? Consider: Criminals on the loose! A cop struggling to solve cases! Flashbacks laden with special effects!

If it sounds like another CSI knockoff, don’t count on it: this formula subtracts forensics and adds… a math wizard! The decent cast (Rob Morrow! Sabrina Lloyd!) and amped-up music keeps things moving. Yet overall, it feels like an hour-long trig exam. And the show’s derivative structure could prevent it from becoming a breakout hit.

But its banishment to Fridays (against the lame Medical Investigation) could equate to some decent... well... numbers.

NUMB3RS airs Fridays at 10et/pt on CBS

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