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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Geek Files: The Late, Late, Late Show

This week, Pusher is drudging up a few more repressed memories from her tube-tattered past. And once again, she drags her somewhat less geeky twin sister into the mix. And this column marks the first-ever TVGS mention of Silk Stalkings, which is long overdue. Enjoy this week's Geek Files.

Living the life of a TV Geek is strenuous work. It's long, hard hours in front of the TV. You gotta want it and you gotta want it bad.

When I was a kid my twin sister and I had a small black and white TV in our room. After scanning the TV Guide every week, I'd select the after-bedtime, late night movie or series that I just couldn't miss and make sure my alarm clock was set. The instant it went off, I'd jump from my top bunk, plug in my headphones and drag the TV as close to the bed as possible. Too many times I was perilously perched on the edge of the bunk bed, inches away from falling on top of the dresser or even on my sister. All because I had to see the 4am broadcast of the Late Late Movie Prince Valiant, starring a twenty-something Robert Wagner in a pageboy haircut; or the 2am rotational series Silk Stalkings or Adderly. (What ever happened to Winston Rekert? It's not easy to act like you're a spy for the Department of Miscellaneous Affairs but he pulled it off superbly.) Did I mention that this all had to be pulled of without waking my parents in the next room?

In case you were wondering, yes, I was supposed to wake up my sister to watch with me. But, did you ever get a phone call while you're taking a nap and don't recall a second of it when the caller mentions it the next day? Yeah, that happened every night:

3:45am: movie alarm goes off

Pusher: "Psst. Wake up. Bringing Up Baby is on Channel 9 now. Should I make it louder?"
PusherTwin: "Nah, I'm not gonna watch tonight."
Pusher: "OK."

7am: school alarm goes off

Pusher: "That was such a funny movie. Remind me to cross it off my Cary Grant list."
PusherTwin: "What!? I told you to wake me up!"

I just stopped trying. My life was strenuous enough.

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