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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Geek Files: MacGyver

Pusher is ready to ring in the new year with another colorful tube tale. Take it away...

Mmm... MacGyver. Promo pics were my crack and TV Guide was my dealer. Richard Dean Anderson always had the cutest pictures; the most coveted of which came in January of 1986. (A very good year for TV.)

After the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, an ad featured Ricky Dean wearing a white sweatband and sunglasses just like Jim McMahon. With the "no cutting up the TV guide until the week is over" rule in effect I had to wait to add it to my collection. Unfortunately, there was no "no drawing in the TV Guide until the week was over" rule. My freakin' older sister had actually taken a pencil and blackened in MacGyver's teeth and outlined his entire face! WTF?! I quite simply went ballistic. My parents refused to kick her out of the house but an APB was put in effect for ANYONE who owned that TV Guide. (Don't say, "Why didn't you just buy another one?" You don't think I tried that?)

Now, almost 19 years later, all I have to say is - God bless you Sydney, who worked with my dad. God bless you for not throwing away your two-week-old issue of TV Guide with Richard Dean Anderson's picture in it. I think I love you.

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