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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Geek Files: N.C.I.S.

Fasten your seatbelts for Pusher's strangest Geek Files yet. It's a personal, heartwrenching story involving N.C.I.S. that- dare I say it- borders on fan fic. You be the judge.

Recently I've gotten into NCIS; mostly for Mark Harmon, although hadn't been a big fan. I'd never watched St. Elsewhere or Chicago Hope. I only knew him as Ted Bundy or Sam- the character who ruined my beloved "Moonlighting."

Imagine my surprise after this dream: (Cue the squiggly waves.)

We're in a world in which people who can fly are looked down upon. I can fly but nobody knows it. There's a house where Mark Harmon has just married Marlee Matlin. There's a big crowd gathering trying to get a glimpse of the couple who have just ducked into a limo. I decide to fly through their open window and land on the seat in front of them. Apparently, meeting these two is worth the ridicule of people knowing I can fly. I tell M&M congratulations. Presumably Marlee is reading my lips since I'm not signing. (Although I sign later on, and boy is it ridiculous.) I turn to Mark and tell him I like N.C.I.S. and we have a little moment of good eye contact.

With that, I fly off. But my friend grabs my legs and berates me for flying. I'm humiliated. I kick her away and fly up to the top of a Mann's Chinese Theater-type building next door. I plan to commit suicide by flying into the high-voltage wires running above the crowd. My first attempt is unsuccessful as I pull up at the last second. Too many people in the high bleacher seats (this wedding was a spectator sport, apparently) were in my way and I didn't want to kill innocent "non-flyers." I fly to the top of the building again and plan a different route.

I look down and spy Mark Harmon in the middle of the crowd looking up at me. He signs something to me. I sign something back. (I warned you this was ridiculous.) I fly off the roof and head for the wires still intending to kill myself when Mark flies up out of the crowd in a beam of white light. As I'm about to cross his path in midair, I change direction and we both fly
off together.

That's it. I woke up.

I'd like to apologize to Pam Dawber, Marlie Matlin and anyone who knows me in real life. It's not easy being a TV Geek.

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  • For those of you who think that this dream is really fan fic....think no more! IT IS ALL TRUE! She really did have the dream. As her older sister I know the truth. And you know what they say about the truth..it is stranger than fiction! So is Pusher!

    By Blogger jenifour2003, at 2:36 PM  

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