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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Geek/CounterGeek: Star Trek Enterprise

I've known our newest contributer, Vito, for 15 years now- and I'm don't recall him making one clear-cut decision the entire time. Which, coincidentally, is why his new column, Geek/CounterGeek is perfect for him. Each week, he'll detail both sides of a pressing tube-related issue that's keeping him awake at night (well, along with thinking of new ways to organize his Micronaut collection). Here's Volume 1.

Geek: Put Enterprise Out Of My Misery

As the ratings keep sliding, it seems that TV will soon finally be free of the alternately mediocre/downright crappy Star Trek franchise. Who would have thought there would even be another series after the dismal Voyager left the airwaves, when Mrs. Columbo and crew finally returned from the depths of... oh, who cares? Despite promises of radical change and a return to form, Enterprise writers rehashed the same lame-assed plotlines: alternate futures, alternate pasts, the ridged-nosed alien of the week that could only be defeated by inverting the plasma relays or some other made-up tech garbage. This dead horse has been beat, dismembered, processed and used to hold together our kids' construction paper projects. Enough already!

CounterGeek: Give Enterprise Another Shot

Admittedly, Enterprise has stumbled in the course of its 3+ year run. Despite this, it has one of the strongest casts of any of the series. Sure there's no Shatner, but that's a good thing. The biggest mistake the writers have made is not coming up with more reasons for Jolene Blalock to have to rub her mostly naked body with "decontamination gel." Despite the ridiculous "Aliens helped the Nazis win WWII" season opener, this has been the best season yet. The idea of having short, three-episode story arcs gives time to develop interesting situations and characters without getting boring. The writers have finally figured out what the show should do, fill in the blanks of and expand on the rich Star Trek mythology that has been built since 1966. Another year or two of that sounds good to me.

Vito's Geek/CounterGeek appears every Tuesday.

Which side do you agree with? Post a comment now!

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5 other geekspeak:

  • I am an "Enterprise" fan and I agree with Vito on both his points. However, I think that Paramount needs to give STrekE another 2 years to figure itself out. And REALLY, what else do they have on that network? It's on friday nights, opposite "static 2: sweet revenge" and "2 guys, some Color Bars, a dead horse and some pizza." Give it time. No argument though - the show is crap compared to the gold standard of "The Next Generation."

    By Blogger joevideo, at 12:54 AM  

  • I'd love to tell you both to grow up, get a life, and move out of your parents basements, but I can't for two reasons:

    #1-I know you don't live in your parents basements. I believe you have graduated to the finished attics.

    #2-At one of my former stops, our station used to show "The Next Generation". Not being a Trekkie at all, even remotely, in the least, I was naturally skeptical about it's allure. But, you watch an episode or two, and you found creative and intelligent plot lines and writing, intriguing characters, and before you knew it, your hour was up.

    Unfortunately in TV, nothing like that lasts forever, even an "enterprise" as profitable as Star Trek and it's demon offspring. Prolly time to annex the whole thing to Deep Space 9.

    By Blogger Uncle Buster, at 11:34 AM  

  • The Slammer:

    Yeah more Star Trek (retch!!!!). Can we get "My Mother the Car" back on the air? Maybe we could update it with something that would appeal to Ammerica's youth. How about:

    "Pimp My Mother the Car"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:18 PM  

  • The Slammer:

    ....is it too soon to bring Buffy back?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:25 PM  

  • Just as things are getting better we keep hearing the nay sayers spouting 'the Emperor has no clothes!' and 'the Sky is Falling!'.

    I say, go away if you find it offensive.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 PM  

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