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Monday, January 31, 2005

Love/Hate: Alias

In case her name didn't give her away, our own Irina D. is quite an Alias fan. But the new season, which saw J.J. Abrams hit the reset button for the third time, has left her a little cold. So is there any affection left for Syd and Company? Let's find out in this week's Love/Hate.

Clearly, I truly love Alias. I named my dog Sydney, people- I really love it. And, overall, I'm loving this season- Sydney seems happy and more like herself again, Weiss and Nadia are super cute, and I love Jack when he's being scheming and underhanded. And, of course, no Lauren Reed and her Eyeliner of Evil.

But whither Sark? And why does Sloane seem so dull- last season, which was not my favorite (nor anyone else's it seems), he was all kinds of plotting and deceptive. So far this season, he hasn't seemed to do shit. I am aware that Lena Olin is never coming back, evereverever, but I still miss Irina. Most of all this season, I miss having a recurring baddie. The excellent Kelly MacDonald was terrific a couple of weeks ago, but- having turned into a Scottish popsicle- she won't be returning.

The episodes have been entertaining, by and large, but the lack of a continuous storyline is pissing me off. They're setting some good stuff up- the third Derevko sister particularly- but these in-and-out missions are not at the heart of what made Alias so fun for regular viewers.

Come on J.J., there's got to be a happy medium between attracting new viewers and satisfying your loyal fans. Or maybe this is the happy medium and I just haven't gotten used to it yet.

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