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Monday, January 17, 2005

Love/Hate: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Whoooo are you? Ooo ooo... ooo ooooo? She's Irina D, and for this week's Love/Hate, she takes TV's top procedural, CSI: to task. But, really... it's done out of love.

There are about 9 episodes of CSI on my TiVo right now; I've seen most of them, but I will happily watch them again. I can fall asleep soundly with gruesome, maggot-infested corpses on my screen, because Grissom is on the case. I love CSI. However, I love CSI because it is a well-acted, well-written procedural, not because I give a shit about their love lives.

Look, Bruckheimer (well, your writers, really)- either you're writing the characters' personal lives or you're not. You can't allude to a relationship and then not bring it up again for two whole years. Sorry, guys. You also can't hint at sexual tension between Catherine and Warrick and then have them behave as if nothing happened for the entire rest of the season.

It just doesn't work. Not all of us are crazed 'shippers. What you end up with are fans who scratch their heads throughout an episode, all, "didn't they almost make out? What's going on?"

Here's another thing-- can we give it a rest with the violent rape flashbacks? I'm not sure when it became okay to portray scenes of sexual violence as opposed to scenes of actual consensual sex, but that doesn't mean you have to show them. That goes for your friends at Without a Trace and your shitty spin-offs too.

Despite all this, I'll probably watch six times this week. Oh, except for that one where the cheerleader gets high on PCP and eats the other cheerleader because, seriously dude, that was gross.

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