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Monday, January 10, 2005

Love/Hate: The O.C.'s Mischa Barton

This week's Love/Hate is a little more hate than love, but that's not stopping Irina D from putting one of TV's hottest young actresses in her crosshairs.

Now, I love The O.C. I love the soapy plotlines, and the adult characters and, of course, I very much love the adorable Adam Brody. But, my God, I hate Mischa Barton.

Not only is her character, Marissa, inexplicably beloved by the other characters of the show, but she is astoundingly unbelievable as an actress. She's wooden, her line-readings are flat and she is nearly always dressed in "designer" clothes that make her look like a crazy hobo. In a recent episode, Mischa donned a short-sleeved white blouse with a vest (a vest, people!) with an enormous brooch topped off with the largest newsboy hat one has ever seen, a newsboy hat with a giant velvet bow on it. The worst part is, I'm fairly certain she chooses her own wardrobe.

And her fashion crimes are exacerbated by her amazing lack of acting talent. Last week, Marissa was meant to be drunk at a party, a state of mind the director actually had to convey by having the camera lurch from side to side, as in an old Star Trek episode. I frequently yell at her when she's on-screen, and- I assure you- it's never anything flattering.

Sometime soon, promos have indicated Marissa will have some kind of lesbian fling with new chick Alex, who is also pretty annoying. Will that make me care about her at all? No. But I'll watch all of her scenes, and I'll continue to scream at my T.V., and wish fervently that Marissa dies in some sort of graphic, horrible on-screen accident.

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