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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

OK, Finally: A Reality Show I'm Interested In

Sure, I'll admit it: I love the 80's. Not the VH-1 show (although it had its moments), but the decade and all things therein. And, come on, who didn't love INXS back in those Jolt Cola days of parachute pants and leg warmers? Well, the Australian supergroup, who has been looking for a lead singer since Michael Hutchence offed himself in 1997, is taking their search to the tube. The CBS show, called Rock Star and airing sometime in 2005, will audition candidates and allow viewers to pick the winner. Their new frontman will then tour and record with the band.

It could be a hoot, as long as they don't go the American Idol route of talentless contestii and annoying judges. But the second I see Paula Abdul, I'm gone- unless she's belting out "Forever Your Girl" (that '80's thing again, sorry).

Related link: INXSRockStar.com.

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