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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Reviewers Go Full Tilt

ESPN's new poker series Tilt premieres tonight, and, to use a poker term, the reviewing it is clearly a game of "hi-lo."

Several Geeks will weigh in here with their opinions tomorrow (we play poker, too). Meanwhile, take a gander at what the mainstream press has been saying.

Hollywood Reporter: Tilt: "No Soul"
Seattle PI: Tilt: "Throwaway Hands"
Chicago Tribune: "Tilt a winner"
Boston.com: "Tilt plays it close to the vest"
USA Today: "Madsen breathes fresh life into a very old story"
NYTimes: A cable version of "Las Vegas."
NY Daily News: ★★★ Tilt "sucks us in"
NY Post: Tilt is a "gratuitously vile, sloppy mess"

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