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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tuesday's 99 Word Review: Unscripted

Here's the Geek-In-Chief's latest 99 Word Review. This time, Unscripted gets the full write-up.

A show where actors act like they’re not acting, search for acting gigs, and let cameras catch them in the act? That sums up Unscripted, the new venture from Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney following three “actors” playing “themselves:” Krista Allen (modest hottie), Bryan Greenberg (earnest newbie), and Jennifer Hall (undertalented cutie), all taught by Frank Langella’s schlongy acting instructor.

The performances are credible; the characters, likable. Sure, there’s nothing new here (“Hollywood is cruel!” “Actors are shallow!” “Everyone’s full of shit!”) but it’s an entertaining way to spend a half-hour.

Or, at least, I’ll act like it is.

TVGS rating: 3 test patterns out of 4.

airs Sunday nights at 10 et/pt on HBO.

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