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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unpleasant Point?

Fox has some big time hopes riding on tonight's premiere of Point Pleasant, hoping to capture some of that The OC mojo. Reviewers, however, haven't been all that kind to the new drama... in fact, even townsfolk from the real Point Pleasant are attempting to distance themselves from the show.

Why? I've met plenty of chicks from Jersey that could feasibly have been Satan's daughter.

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S.F. Gate: "Lame dialogue... bad acting"
N.Y. Daily News: "A Vague and Only Average Start"
N.Y. Times: "Leaden," "Mundane"
N.Y. Post: "Spooky, creepy and really pretty good"
Boston Globe: "Point gets lost"
DFW Star-Telegram: "Generic"
Detroit News: "Pleasant isn't bright, but it's got great eye candy"
Seattle P.I.: "Little hellfire to speak of"
USA Today: "Isn't very pleasant at all"

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