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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why Was Rather Spared?

After yesterday's dismissals in the Memogate scandal, many are wondering why the buck stopped where it did? The Tiffany Network's King Shit of Fuck Mountain, Les Moonves, declined to axe CBS News President Andrew Heyward or anchor Dan Rather, whose face was attached to the story and who also vociferously defended its accuracy.

Moonves felt Rather stepping down from his CBS Evening News anchor chair was discipline enough.

The one hilarious finding of the independent panel: that they found no evidence of political bias. Puh-leeze. Rather (and fired producer Mary Mapes, for that matter) have a long history of presenting their slant as fact (as do all network newsrooms), and this instance crystallizes it.

Hmmm... think his reports will be scrutinized much when he scoots over to 60 Minutes full-time?

Also: looks like CBS is considering ABC's Kate Snow and PBS' Margaret Warner to replace Rather. Connie Chung will be happy to hear it.

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