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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Carson Tribute Better Late Than Never

David Letterman returned to The Late show from a planned break last night and paid homage to his late mentor, Johnny Carson. Letterman did a monologue of jokes completely written by Carson, and had Peter Lassally and Doc Severinsen on to wax poetic about their old boss.

Insiders always believed Carson thought Letterman was the better choice to take over his The Tonight Show, and if you look at the quality of Dave and Jay's work since Johnny's retirement, his creative instinct was clearly correct. The ratings, however, have not beared that out, as Leno regularly trounces Dave.

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  • Conan O'Brien addressed Johnny Carson's passing on his first show back from vacation Tuesday night and spent a good ten minutes on the subject. He talked about the first time he met Carson when he gave him wrong directions in a studio parking lot.

    It was a nice segment. Conan's obviously aware of the shoes he's filling.

    By Blogger Frank Strovel III, at 9:35 PM  

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