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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Enterprising Trekkies Won't Give Up The Ghost

A bunch of Trekkies are joining forces to save Star Trek: Enterprise, slated for its final mission in May.

Fans have launched a petition to save the low-rated UPN series, calling on fans to rally to get the show a new TV home. Ironically, if the Trekkies had spent a little more time finding themselves a new home, the petition wouldn't have been written in their parents' basements.

6 other geekspeak:

  • Hate to bust your bubble, but I'm doing quite fine in my own home. I imagine other big Trekkies like Kelsey Grammar, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, Stephen Hawking and the millions of other fans that live rich and productive lives are a little suprised to find that there are still "journalists" out there that write things that have no basis in fact and spout it as the gospel truth. If you don't like sci-fi or reality shows, or hockey, or whatever, just don't watch it. There is no reason to belittle someone just because they like a genre you don't.

    David Reese

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:25 PM  

  • When a journalist showers themselves as unprofessional and uninformed as this, you can't help but wonder who is the one in the basement. Most "Trekkies" I know have their own home, have very productive lives, and I for one am proud of my family as it is. My wife took offense (and no, she is not a 'Trekkie') at how ignorant you must be, then laughed and shook her head at why she has absolutely zero-confidence in journalists these days.
    Enterprise had problems in the beginning, most of us agree to that, but if any of you had bothered to be tracking it in the last 2 years, especially this season, you would see why we are fighting for its renewel somewhere, either at UPN or another home. This isn't some obsession for the idea of the Star Trek universe - its a bid for the "quality" of the Star Trek universe, something finally achieved, and now being blatently aborted because of a network so up to their heels in failure, they want to seal their own doom as rapidly as possible.

    Steve England
    7:25AM 2/17/05

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:26 AM  

  • I apologize for any offense- but the writers here tweak everyone- ourselves included- for our tube likes and dislikes. To quote the old stereotype, I have plenty of normal friends who enjoy Trek-ish programming, and they all live out on their own. You'll notice, in fact, there are other, more thoughtful pieces on this site about Enterprise.

    Again, it ws a tongue-in-cheek comment playing off an old stereotype. Take it for what it was- a lighthearted swipe.

    Live long, and prosper.

    By Blogger GeekInChief, at 8:28 AM  

  • I'm yet another professional, home owning person who takes offence at your remarks. I've been watching Star Trek since the 1960s and cheap jibes of this nature have been stale for years already.

    To you it may well be "a tongue-in-cheek comment playing off an old stereotype". To me it's just lazy journalism. How much easier, after all, to jump on the same old bandwagon as it trundles past than to write a considered, well-researched comment.

    It is on a foundation just such "light hearted swipes" that prejudice is built and it ill-behoves any serious journalist to stoop to this level, whatever the subject.

    Sue Christian, England

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 AM  

  • Yeah, and it doesn't behoove you either, Chief. I smell another Rathergate! We need an independent commission to investigate!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 AM  

  • Geek, we're journalists now?

    As the resident SciFiGeek-in-Chief of TVGeekSpeak, I support the movement to move the show to SciFi. If Battlestar is pulling in big numbers, pairing the 2 shows up on Friday night would be an obvious win-win for sci-fi. sure each ep costs $1.6m... but maybe they could go with a shorter season like BSG does. Comments?

    By Blogger joevideo, at 8:46 PM  

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