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Friday, February 18, 2005

The Friday "Eff-Off:" American Idol

Uncle Buster takes on an easy yet wildly popular target this week, in his weekly 99 word thrashing. Here's The Friday "Eff Off!"

I started to watch American Idol during the audition phase. Mostly because people were only allowed to sing for about 30 seconds each, then you get right to the critique.

It was intriguing. But Randy can't stop kissing everyone's ass. Paula is usually the same, unless she's yelling at Simon. Simon is great, because he's the only one that bothers telling the truth.

I stopped watching when I saw how serious these weirdos take this stuff. No one told them this is the 21st century's Gong Show...minus J.P. Morgan.

Wake me when it's over, or when Chuckie-baby comes back.

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