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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Friday "Eff Off:" Martha Stewart's The Apprentice

This week's Friday "Eff Off" takes a patented TVGS 99 word look into the not-too-distant future, when NBC plans to pollute our airwaves with another Apprentice starring everyone's favorite jailbird. But surprise! Uncle Buster has no designs on watching this one.

Not since Ray Liotta in Goodfellas has an inmate been busier behind bars. Martha Stewart Omnimedia (think omnipresent too) announced Stewart will host her own version of The Apprentice.

Thankfully, they will wait until she's sprung to begin taping. That way, we're spared seeing interns make decorative shivs or keeping those prison grays smelling spring fresh.

What is she going to teach an Apprentice? What's the best wrap to wear to an arraignment? How much cinnamon will hide the metallic scent of the file you've baked into that cake?

Learning the ropes from a felon? Not such a "good thing".

Will the new Apprentice be any good? Post your comments below!

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