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Friday, February 25, 2005

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week 2

Vito's ratcheting things up a bit this week. Not only is he providing his regular 99 word recap, but he's also offering his thoughts on who should have been axed- and who he thinks can go all the way. Hence, the new name: Survivor 10 in 99-Plus!

99 word recap: Last week, Koror chose a new island and Ulong voted out Jolanda. Koror was disgusted to find they shared the new beach with rats. Karen annoyed the crap out of everyone by bitching about the bad decision, even though it was too late to change it. At Ulong, Angie, the tattooed bartender, worried about being an outsider. Proving herself by dominating the reward challenge, she won fire and fishing gear for Ulong. This reward challenge provided lots of cleavage shots of Ashlee’s ample bosom. Koror completely dominated the immunity challenge and Ulong voted out Ashlee, and her giant breasts.

If I had a vote: For the second week in a row, I would have gone with the tribe and voted out Ashlee. Even though I would love to see her run, jump and bounce for weeks to come, she was already lethargic and had a bad attitude, which can devastate even the strongest team.

My favorite so far: Angie. She’s the only one to show any personality and she’s got a lot of fight in her.

Do you agree? Post your comments below!

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  • I agreee that Ashlee should have gone this week although it'd have been good if they'd gotten rid of Jeff.

    Personally my favourite right now is Stephanie, she's very attractive and she seems to have a Cesternino like knowlage of how to play the game. I thought she was gonna be first out but I think she's going to survive for a while now. I dont like Angie, I judge people that look like her, I can't understand why someone would cover her arms and chest in those horrible looking tatoos and have all those bits of metal in her face, plus she doesn't have the body to pull off that bra and panties combination she's sporting this week.

    I like Tom, he's probably going to last a while as will Bobby Jon and James.

    I think if Kim and Jeff get any closer they'll be out quickly and I think Willard and Caryn will be out the first change their tribes get to vote them out.

    By Anonymous Chris Brannigan, at 11:53 AM  

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